Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities For Chartered Accountants  

Independent Professional Practice

CAs may start independent professional practice. CA provides compliance and review services and expert advice in Income Tax, Indirect Tax & GST etc. CA also acts as business advisor by providing all kinds of services including the preparation of Financial Accounts, Project Reports, Business Strategies, Internal Audit, Risk Assessment etc.

Management Consultancy Services

CAs play a vital role in assisting business and industry to improve the use of their resources. The range of management advisory services rendered by CAs includes financial planning and financial policy determination, Portfolio Management etc. 

Employment in Trade and Industry

CAs may prefer to join an Industry or Business or Trade Organisation in Accounts, Finance, Taxation Departments and rise hold responsibale positions as CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Managing Directors etc. 

Opportunities in Global Arena

Indian Chartered Accountants have an impressive presence throughout the globe holding eminent positions. Many MNCs as well as KPOs prefer Indian CAs for their expertise in IFRS, International Taxation, International Trade Laws, Accounting in IT environment. Employment opportunities keep increasing year by year as economy grows.